Remember when

We all have a nostalgic taste of the seaside that we remember best but I always remember the time when my brother sprinted across the sand on a hot summer’s day, towards the sea, then hearing his scream and watching him hop away when the icy cold water lapped over his bare feet. I remember when Dad thought the seagull droppings on his shoulder was Mam squirting suncream, so he rubbed it in and settled down to sunbathe. I remember how much we laughed when that seagull swooped down and grabbed Aunty Pat’s sandwich, the one that was half ham and half sand. But most of all, I remember the zesty taste of a LemonTop ice cream that would signal the end of a wonderfully memorable day as we trailed sand and seaweed back to Dad’s Austin Allegro.

These memories are the reason behind LemonTop Gin. It’s a nostalgic taste of the seaside that we can all relate to and it’s all about sharing these memories with friends. LemonTop Gin lets us, for just that fleeting moment, become lost in treasured memories and recapture the emotions of those wonderful days when we walked barefoot on the beach without a care in the world, where time seemed to stand still, and we became caught up in the perfect moment.

As for us, we’re all grown up now, but we still talk about those days. We’ve taken our own kids to the same North East coastline and watched them run in and out of that icy cold seawater, again and again with the biggest smiles on their faces. There’s nothing more revitalising than the sounds, the smells and the tastes of our glorious North East coastline, and there’s nothing more refreshing than the essence of a LemonTop ice Cream in your glass.

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