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Absolutely love the Lemon Top Gin. Repeat customer and bought few for gifts too which have been very much enjoyed!
First downed this gin at Kirkleatham Xmas Market-WOW. Mixed with cream soda it’s truly genius!! Our family loves it n we recommend it to everyone. The company send a can of cream soda with the gin n postcards which is a lovely touch. Don’t hesitate-just buy it for a present or yourself & u wont b disappointed!
Thank you for the delivery of my lemon top gin, it is a Christmas present for my daughter who loves your product . Very speedy delivery and packaged with care. Will be purchasing more of this ginfor my 2 other children as a Christmas present .
Bought for a present for my mums birthday. She absolutely loved it, and the taste is fantastic. Definitely recommend to all.
I bought it for a present but tried it first. Yep I had to buy another one for them , kept first bottle myself. It bloody lovely.
Excellent service, kept me up to date when delivery would be, and the taste is fantasticReal Redcar lemon top taste
Had this as a base with a meringue top in a martini glass. Best cocktail ever and perfect for a summer's evening!
Delicious! Amazing packaging and lots of extras in the box, recipe cards, placemats etc
Had to purchase this bottle after trying it in Redcar , now passing it around in the South. Wonderful taste of the lemon top ice cream.
I bought this gin for relatives who like to drink gin. I prefer rum myself but I was asked to taste it.My word Lemontop gin is a game changer.It was like drinking ice cream.The product is delicious, the service is excellent and it’s locally made.Go on give it a try. You won’t regret it.
Possibly the best of the flavoured gins available. It's absolutely delicious mixed with the Shaws cream soda that it came with, and equally delicious with the Barrs cream soda that got in to continue enjoying it. I highly recommend that you try it. It's going to be a winner, and it's produced and available relatively local to me (the Teesside area).10/10.
Absolutely gorgeous I be ordering another 1
Lovely Gin, I thought I'd seen it all but what a clever idea and the styling is amazing! 5 out of 5 will buy again
Fantastic tasting gin. Everything from the smell, the look and the taste just screams Redcar Lemontops. I’ve tried it neat, mixed with cream soda, mixed with lemonade and even reduced to a syrup to go on pancakes and it’s delivered perfect taste each time. Would highly recommend Lemontop Gin to anyone. You would not be disappointed by this premium product.
We've had the pleasure of drinking a huge amount of different gins from around the world over the last 5 or 6 years and i can honestly say that Lemon Top Ice Cream Gin is one of the best flavoured gins we have tasted.In addition to it being a fabulous Gin delivery was fast with decent courier packaging too - we'd give it 6* if we could !
I bought the Lemon Top Gin as a gift for my wife, she was over the moon. Great packaging, recipe idea & even some cream soda to replicate that seaside experience 😉 Highly recommend you grab a bottle or two. Cheers!
The time and craftsmanship that must have went into this has to be commended. Fantastic take on a seafront family favourite. A must for any gin/lemon top lovers. Keep it up guys👍
Amazing gin which I was lucky to receive for Christmas. Mixed with Cream Soda is a genius idea. Thank you Lemon Top Gin!
Mix with cream soda and it's delish!
Watch how many you have, it’s yummy so dangerous 😂 Really drinkable with the recommended cream soda. Love the adverts too
I've ordered another 2 because it tastes unreal! Shipped very quickly too.
This gin is like a taste sensation!!!
Fabulous product, beautifully wrapped. Won’t know what it tastes like until Christmas Day! 🥰
Amazing gin! Absolutely love it. And paired with the soda tastes just like a lemon top ice cream. Delicious!
Bought a bottle for my wife. She loves it, and so do I.One if the nicest gins we've tasted.We'll certainly be ordering more. In fact, just ordered one for our daughter.