LemonTop Gin available now

LemonTop Gin available now

We’re happy to annouce that LemonTop Gin is now available to buy here

People have been asking why LemonTop Gin? The simple answer is we’re proud of where we come from and all have happy memories of eating a LemonTop throughout our lives!

We believe there’s nothing that sums up the North East seaside than the delicious Lemon Top icecream. That iconic swirl of lemon sorbet sitting on top of the creamy white vanilla whippy style ice cream. So we wanted to replicate that flavour and evoke those nostalic memories of days at the beach in a drink that could be enjoyed anywhere at any time of the year.

LemonTop Gin matches the LemonTop in flavour and colour, it’s great served over ice or mixed with your favourite tonic, however we think it’s best when mixed with cream soda and topped with squirt of cream.

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