LemonTop Gin Screwball

Bubblegum Screwball Gin Cocktaill – LemonTop Gin Cocktails

LemonTop Gin Cocktails – Bubblegum Screwball Gin Cocktail, a recipe created by one of our lovely customers, Graeme!




  1. Add the gin and bubblegum syrup to a cocktail shaker and stir with a spoon
  2. Then add the cream soda and raspberry lemonade then put the lid on the cocktail shaker and give it a good stir then pour into a gin glass
  3. Then get the Squirty cream and in a zig-zag motion add cream to the top covering the top of the drink then using the same zig-zag method apply the strawberry sauce
  4. Then in the middle decorated with either a slice of lemon or a double bubble gumball

We would love to see your versions of a LemonTop Gin Bubblegum Screwball Gin Cocktail and if you have any cocktail recipes get in touch! Tag us @LemonTopGin and #LemonTopGin

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