LemonTop Gin Screwball

Lemon-Top Bubble Gum Screwball, a recipe created by one of our lovely customers, Graeme !


  • 50 ml Lemon-Top Gin
  • 25 ml Monin Bubblegum syrup
  • 150ml Cream Soda
  • 100ml Greggs Raspberry lemonade
  • Squirty cream
  • Askeys Strawberry Ice cream sauce



  1. Add the gin and bubblegum syrup to a cocktail shaker and stir with a spoon
  2. Then add the cream soda and raspberry lemonade then put the lid on the cocktail shaker and give it a good stir then pour into a gin glass
  3. Then get the Squirty cream and in a zig zag motion add cream to the top covering the top of the drink then using the same zig zag method apply the strawberry sauce
  4. Then in the middle decorate with either a slice of lemon or a double bubble gum ball

We would love to see your versions of a LemonTop Gin Screwball and if you have any cocktail recipes get in touch! Tag us @LemonTopGin and #LemonTopGin

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